Product Launch Formula 4 Reviews

product launch formula 4 reviews

product launch formula 4 reviewsOne of the most unique, creative and life giving gifts is education. What better than to equip someone with tools of self development and progress in their process?

And one of the easiest ways to give education is to give people digital information educational and self development products. If you know someone who is entrepreneurial minded and likes to start and build businesses, a product we highly recommend gifting is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 4.

Jeff Walker is a fascinating Internet Marketing Guru and Entrepreneur who has not only made millions online for himself, but has taught countless others how to make a lot of money doing what they love online through the launch of their products.

Here is a great site with more information about PLF 4 and Product Launch Formula 4 Reviews.

Jeff typically only makes PLF available once per year when he does a launch of his own. And usually that launch comes with all sorts of valuable pre-launch content that he makes available for free. Definitely tune in and learn something through the process and consider buying a copy of this great product for a loved one — it will pay off many, many times over.


Every Wall a Whiteboard

whiteboard paint

Image Source: Whiteyboard

What would it look like to turn every wall into a whiteboard?

The world would be bursting with ideas, creativity, art, genius, collaboration, team, brainstorms, brain dumps, mindmaps, diagrams, visuals, flowcharts, lists, pictures, and beauty!

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

I love whiteboards. I love getting my ideas out there with a set of colorful markers, and being able to just free my mind by letting the ideas out to be free.

Are you like this? or know someone who is?

They might enjoy a whiteboard paint kit from one of the top brands like Idea Paint, Remarkable or Whiteyboard.

These easy to apply kits make it simple to turn any surface including the walls of your room, home, office, or school into an easy to use, high quality whiteboard.

Check out some reviews of the whiteboard paint kits at